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Dear Jodi,

We are really enjoying our time with Rocky!  He has adjusted tremendously well and is very happy in our new home.  He has a lovely temperament... very calm and gets along with well with other people and animals.  We have taken him for grooming twice now and he looks fantastic... we have attached some pictures for you to see how handsome he looks!

As times passes, we are getting to know him better and really appreciate his prior training... he was already housetrained and doesn't jump on people or furniture.  He also responds well to our commands.  Our next task is to help
him learn how to climb the
stairs, as he is still reluctant in this regard.  We are also working on helping him to lose weight, as per the vet's recommendations.  He will have plenty of opportunity to do so as he enjoys running freely on our 14 acre property... he just loves to eat snow!   We are so grateful for the opportunity to adopt him as he adds such joy to our lives.

 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to bring him into our family!

Best wishes,
Dr. Selina Tombs and Mr. Michael Flynn

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