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sorry it has taken so long to write!  We were able to adopt Georgia (since renamed Emily) in October...  We had just lost a dog to cancer and wanted to fill that hole and give a rescue dog a new home.  

Emily is the absolute sweetest dog and has settled in so well.   She has bonded extremely well with our 2 other males and our 3 girls love her to bits.   (Mom and Dad do as well!)

Attached is a picture I took back in November after coming home to find that she had chewed up a fourth pair of my shoes.....   You can see she knows what she did, ears flattened right back against her head!  How can anyone resist that face?    Luckily the chewing and the accidents have ceased as she has become comfortable in her new home and she is nowhere near as apprehensive as she once was.    Not sure about her past as she was so scared and submissive when we got her but over time has become very happy and confident and loves life.

We are so lucky to have her in our lives, she makes me smile every day.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!!!!


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