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Louie (adopted Feb. 6, 2016)

Louie has been part of the family for almost 3 months now. He has a ton of energy and just as much affection for his new pack. We are fortunate to have a great location with a ton of adjacent open green space for him to spend all that energy. He has traveled to Florida with us on a March break getaway and loved it! We may just have to move to the ocean, for his sake of course.

Thank you to the great caring staff of the Upper Credit for allowing us to adopt such a great friend.

Catherine, Howard, Cassi, Chris and Louie

Billy and Piper

Hi Upper Credit Team,

I wanted to share our family adoption story with you.

We adopted Billy and Piper a few years back but I have just never gotten around to sending this email until now.  Billy and Piper are both doing well since being adopted.  Piper was a sick little guy when we adopted him and we knew there would be some health related challenges.  He has gotten on the right medications now and is comfortable, and happy.  He will always have his health challenges... but his spirit lights up a room and he is doing well.  Billy is healthy as a horse and loving life in the country.  He has gotten used to sharing his space with Piper now and although the transition from being the only dog with us to being part of a pair was challenging for him at first he is now the best doggie brother ever.  As you can see from the photo they are sooooooo cute….. funny……. happy…… playful and full of joy.  They have made our house a home and we love them to bits.  I love coming in to visit the dogs, maybe walk a few of them while I am there and drop off donations when I can.  I consider you guys a super valuable part of the community and I thank you for being there for all of us.  I am so happy that Billy and Piper found their way to you so that we could be lucky enough to have them in our lives.

Thanks team!


Daisy (formerly Blaze) - adopted Feb. 25, 2015

Some pics of Daisy (aka Blaze) at the Georgetown Home Show yesterday with her pal Melody. She is such a good girl and has no problem sharing her bed!! She is a great hit with the people we visit, they all love her.



Pumpkin (adopted January 2006)

Hi there,

Here is an update about Pumpkin. He was adopted in Jan of 2006.

We are so thankful we have had 10 amazing years with Pumpkin so far! We got him a year before we got married so of course he came to the wedding. He even had his own tuxedo! He welcomed both children into our family with open paws. He helped them learn to walk by being their balance. He loves to snuggle with them on the couch or in their beds. He has had a birthday party every year on the day he came to us, cake and hats are a must!

He truly is the best dog we could have ever hoped for.


Bindi (formerly Frostie) and Cora (adopted Feb. 28, 2016)

Cole snuggles with Cora
Bindi (formerly Frostie) and Cora have only been home with us for a short time, but they are settling in beautifully and have already captured our hearts. They hid briefly when we first brought them home, but within two hours they were in bed snuggling with my son – all as happy as can be.
Bindi is still a little nervous, however, she is gradually becoming more comfortable. She loves having Cora close by and enjoys playing with her toys (feathers on a stick are a
favourite). Cora does whatever Bindi does, and she purrs constantly.
My son adores both of them. He brushes them at night and has fallen asleep with both of them in his arms. We will continue to be patient while they adjust to their new home and our next step is to introduce them to Lovey, our other cat.

Thank you for this dynamic duo.


**Update about Bindi, Cora and Lovey**

Bindi and Cora are out of their safe room now and Lovey is gradually becoming friends with
them. Cora is a trooper, she will walk right up to Lovey fearlessly, and Bindi wants to do the same but is being a little more cautious. Cora has already won over Lovey’s heart and they spend time relaxing together on the cat tree. Bindi isn’t far away and watches from a spot close by on the floor. She will soon win over Lovey’s heart, too.

We are so excited to see them bond more every day, when the three of them are all friends will be our happiest day of all.


Lovey is gradually becoming friends with Bindi and Cora

Bubba Gump, Forrest Gump and Baldwin (adopted March 9, 2016)

March 9th...Today is our 1 year anniversary of bringing home the "Gumps" shy Forrest and chatty Bubba.

I never knew how wonderful, funny and frankly therapeutic Guinea Pigs could be. Such personalities! Forrest is still kind of shy. He will squeak and purr for us, but he is more quiet, wide-eyed black eye wonder. Loves to snuggle. Bubba has always been vocal. You can play "guinea music" - because when you touch Bubba he squeaks. We love to create the Bubba Symphony.
It will be a year, July 2nd for Baldwin. He loves chin rubs, and when done, he turns around and watches TV and reads my texts. Baldwin is not shy and gets right In any cat's face that approaches.

So thank you to my son for begging to get these little dudes, as they bring joy and laughter and moments of sanity to our lives!

Of course the "fan club greeting" of major squeals when I say good morning or walk by make me feel like a Rockstar! Thanks UCHS for our 3 boys!

The Mount Family

Baxter (adopted Jan. 10, 2016)

Feb. 3, 2016

Baxter is now fully integrated into the household and is currently totally in the way in the middle of the kitchen floor while I try to make lunch.

So all is well, and thanks for finding us such a terrific cat!

Jan. 18, 2016

Quick update: Baxter has started wandering about the house. He gets along with one cat, not so well yet with my other cat - still having some arguments about who is the boss. Adores attention from my daughter. Overall, he is doing well!