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Bindi (formerly Frostie) and Cora (adopted Feb. 28, 2016)

Cole snuggles with Cora
Bindi (formerly Frostie) and Cora have only been home with us for a short time, but they are settling in beautifully and have already captured our hearts. They hid briefly when we first brought them home, but within two hours they were in bed snuggling with my son – all as happy as can be.
Bindi is still a little nervous, however, she is gradually becoming more comfortable. She loves having Cora close by and enjoys playing with her toys (feathers on a stick are a
favourite). Cora does whatever Bindi does, and she purrs constantly.
My son adores both of them. He brushes them at night and has fallen asleep with both of them in his arms. We will continue to be patient while they adjust to their new home and our next step is to introduce them to Lovey, our other cat.

Thank you for this dynamic duo.


**Update about Bindi, Cora and Lovey**

Bindi and Cora are out of their safe room now and Lovey is gradually becoming friends with
them. Cora is a trooper, she will walk right up to Lovey fearlessly, and Bindi wants to do the same but is being a little more cautious. Cora has already won over Lovey’s heart and they spend time relaxing together on the cat tree. Bindi isn’t far away and watches from a spot close by on the floor. She will soon win over Lovey’s heart, too.

We are so excited to see them bond more every day, when the three of them are all friends will be our happiest day of all.


Lovey is gradually becoming friends with Bindi and Cora

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