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Billy and Piper

Hi Upper Credit Team,

I wanted to share our family adoption story with you.

We adopted Billy and Piper a few years back but I have just never gotten around to sending this email until now.  Billy and Piper are both doing well since being adopted.  Piper was a sick little guy when we adopted him and we knew there would be some health related challenges.  He has gotten on the right medications now and is comfortable, and happy.  He will always have his health challenges... but his spirit lights up a room and he is doing well.  Billy is healthy as a horse and loving life in the country.  He has gotten used to sharing his space with Piper now and although the transition from being the only dog with us to being part of a pair was challenging for him at first he is now the best doggie brother ever.  As you can see from the photo they are sooooooo cute….. funny……. happy…… playful and full of joy.  They have made our house a home and we love them to bits.  I love coming in to visit the dogs, maybe walk a few of them while I am there and drop off donations when I can.  I consider you guys a super valuable part of the community and I thank you for being there for all of us.  I am so happy that Billy and Piper found their way to you so that we could be lucky enough to have them in our lives.

Thanks team!


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