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Sorry guys my life has been all work or dogs. Between that and moving it's taken all my time and energy. But I wanted to send you guys an update on Nero.

This is him using the bend of my knee as a pillow
Sometimes on the couch he'll wrap his front legs around my
waist and put his head into me
He's really a great kid. He is a lot more damaged than you guys thought. And he has a lot of restraint when it comes to his aggression. I still can't put my hands all over him, but we'll get there. He's calmed down a lot. But at least three times a day he'll jump when I drop something or enter the room fast. If I'm holding an object and walk up to him he'll cower and run away. He's been through some sever abuse. When I cross his comfort line he'll lung but won't bite. He doesn't want to bite. He's just so used to getting beaten that he feels the need to protect himself. I can tell you that he's always trying to please you and couldn't have done anything close to deserve such harsh
handling. A few months ago I asked the kids if they wanted to go for a walk and for the first time he got excited. I realized he previously didn't know what the word walk means. If your dog doesn't understand the word walk you've failed as a dog owner. He would pee outside but wouldn't poop. I think he was punished severely for pooping inside and doesn't want to poop in front of me for fear of punishment. It took me three days to train him to poop outside using rewards and he immediately started waiting by the door when he has to go out.

Rottie discovers blankets
Nero is the biggest snuggler I've ever met. He's grown too. I think to this date I've gotten more damage from him trying to be a lap dog than the few bites when I first got him. On that note for everyone he's ever damaged, I really don't think he meant to injure anyone. From play fighting with the kid I can tell you his mouth is full of ginsu knives. Sharpest little teeth. But he's quickly learned to have a soft mouth. If you ask me what his biggest personally trait is I would tell you it's him snuggling. If I sit down he wants to be on my lap. He loves sleeping between my legs, and I've got the bruises to prove it. He'll just curl into you. He likes to bury his head in you. The kid tries to get as close to you as he can.

This is what I wake up to every morning
When I took him in everyone knew I had a very dog aggressive dog. Worse than Roxy. It took two weeks for Raeya to accept Nero. Now they sleep together. No aggression over food or toys. They'll share. She'll snap at him when he's being a brat and bouncing off of her, but when you're not to sleep and you've got 70 lbs jumping on you I think you're allowed. And he backs off. The only issue we still have is with one of the cats. He goes after Nero and Nero just thinks they're playing. No one is damaging another and the cats are given many places to hide that the dogs can't access. Two human aggressive dogs, one is dog aggressive, and it's the cat causing the problems. I've yet to meet a dog too aggressive for me to work with, but I've met plenty of cats I truly fear.

When taking them to the park I get the biggest compliment from other dog owners. The first time a woman was playing fetch with Nero and I gave his the disclaimer of not to grab him and told her his history. She was one of the many people that have said "But he's so happy". He really is a happy dog now. No one could have changed him in a shelter environment. But in a perminant home with positive training he's a totally different dog. I'm really glad I adopted the kid.

Kids really wishing I would put the camera down and
 take them to the park

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