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Riley (adopted Dec. 27, 2013)


Hi! Just wanted to give you a update like I promised about Riley. He is doing excellent! He's such a quiet old fella! But when he's in the mood he runs like a crazy man all around our back yard in and out of the bushes. He likes to play with the odd toad he finds lately in the backyard and has sadly killed a young squirrel too. He loves, loves his pillow but when he isn't in the mood to sleep he will follow me around the house and sit next to me when I am at the computer. We have been complimented on his good looks and his great behavior. Even my parents who dislike animals love him! So here's a recent picture of him looking all regal in our family room, on his beloved pillow. The only place he will sleep! He has made our home so full of love and happiness. Thank you!

(Proud owner of Riley)

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