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Bonzo (formerly Hunter) - adopted February 27, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to update you on how Bonzo (formerly Hunter) is doing. He has fit in great...he comes to work with me and my crew pretty much everyday. You should see the looks we get with him hanging halfway out the back window the truck! 
We are taking lessons at Scratch and Sniff Dog Training here in Guelph and he's doing great, though it's pretty obvious the lessons are for me, not him. 
He has a great time out at the leash free park where after about a month I was comfortable enough to let him run on his own. We still need to work on the recall skills but it's only because he's having such a good time he loses track of where I am some times. 
Anyways thanks for hooking us up. He's been a great addition to my life!
Thanks and see you soon, 
Mike Post 

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