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Addy (formerly Kleo) and Possum

Possum and Addy
Hello everyone at the UCHS!

Just thought I'd update you on how well Awesome Possum (the kitty) and Addy (formerly Kleo) are doing!

Possum was adopted just over a year and a half ago, and Addy almost one year ago. They immediately became the best of friends when Addy arrived ... I think Possum likes her better than our other cat. The two of them snuggle gently and wrestle playfully all the time. While Possum started out very independent, she became quite cuddly over the winter months, and Addy ... well, Addy isn't happy unless she is curled up right next to you. I've never met such a cuddly dog! It's the best part of her. 

The two of them are welcoming a baby brother - of the human variety - this summer and we have no doubt that they will both be great with him! Though Possum seems to think the crib is hers, so we'll see what happens there. 

Please feel free to share the pic and their update story! Thanks for hooking us up with such great critters...they bring both chaos and calm into our otherwise boring home.



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