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Levon (previously known as Sam) - adopted April 13, 2014

Michelle and Levon

I wanted to email you guys an update about Sam or, as we call him now, Levon. He was the perfect addition! he is such a good boy, so loving, so gentle, and very curious about his new home. I knew when myself and my mom were down there Levon/Sam was the doggy for us. I absolutely adore him and so does everyone who meets him. 

We took him to the dog park and boy-oh-boy he can run and play with the best of them! I wanted to email to say thank you, we are so grateful to have him in our lives. 

We absolutely adore him and can't wait to spend many, many years to come. I attached a picture of myself and Levon/Sam hanging out on the front lawn, also I attached one of myself my brother and our boy Levon!

Once again thank you for everything! Levon/Sam is getting the love he absolutely deserves!!! 


Michelle E. 

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