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Socks and Fritz (adopted August 16, 2013)

Hi Jody,

Sorry I've taken so long to email but I was waiting to notify you of the return of your carriers and supplies. Socks and Fritz have slowly progressed in their forever homes but they are now comfortable and safe in their new environment. Socks seems to be the leader of the two but was at first very reluctant. A jiggle of the jar of food and Socks is first to run to the food dish. Fritz will come around because he was the one that liked being handled the most at first.
Thank you for placing these two with us and for the dedication you and the shelter give to these homeless jewels. I will be returning the carriers next week sometime when I track down a suitable replacement. Keep up the good work and remember that you can save the animal world, one precious gem at a time...

Marlene Leitch 

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