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Dear Friends at UCHS,

Remember me... it's Tiny - the 3 year old American Bulldog!

Just writing to tell you how much I'm enjoying my new home here in
Limehouse. I'm really lovin' it. Long country walks twice daily; regular
playtime in the backyard; lots of human companionship. Life couldn't be
better! (Please don't take this the wrong way but... I like this place way
better than yours.)

After my first 2 weeks getting acquainted, I started my training sessions
where I got to learn good manners and a new routine. (My new family just
wanted to set some ground rules and remind me that they're running the show
over here!)

Now that I've been here for 6 months, I've been told I am a very good
natured dog and behave impeccably on-leash and off. I didn't realize how
much I'd enjoy being told what to do!

I hope my other kennel friends will find good homes soon, too.

Anyhow, gotta run now.Time to get back to watching the squirrels and
chipmunks. Check out my pic... and my new trim figure!

Snuggles & licks,

(P.S. Special thanks to Jody and Karen for finding me my new home!)

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