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Just a note to let you know (as promised) how Jake is doing in his new home.
Jake has worked his way into the family and the goings on at the farm very
well. He was quite clingy for the first bit and didn't want to let me out of
his sight, but is getting more confident as time goes on. There are no
worries that he will wander. He doesn't bother the cats and is fine with the
chickens, although he seems quite intrigued with the Guinea Fowl. Jake has
learned quite quickly to chase the Canada geese which is wonderful as we
have quite a problem with them if we aren't vigilant about harassing them.
In fact, for several years we had a service that brought dogs out to deter
the geese from staying. The company wanted $10,000 for a trained "goose dog"
so I am way ahead with Jake already! He is a very good watch dog and would
make anyone who doesn't know him think twice about coming into the house. We
had one training session with horses with Jake on a long line and will have
another this week. He showed quite an interest in the horses but he is very
clever and I don't think there will be a problem with him learning to leave
them alone. Jake is getting a lot of exercise with two shorter walks and one
long walk per day. He loves to come with me to do chores and gardening and
takes great delight in running after the golf cart and barking at it.

Unfortunately, two days after Jake arrived, Freddie our Border Collie (whom
you met when I came to see Jake at the shelter) suddenly became completely
paralysed. I had to hand feed him and give him water in a syringe. I didn't
feel that putting him through a lot of tests at the age of 13 was fair to
him, and so we decided to try him on steroids to see if that would have any
effect. He immediately had a miraculous reaction and Freddie is now able to
move about on his own and even chases the cats again. A friend of mine
suggested he may have "Coonhound Paralysis" which I thought was a joke and a
reference to Jake's arrival, but there really is such a thing. Apparently it
can be transmitted in the saliva of raccoons, and you may recall, that I had
trapped one that had been devouring my ducks. There was a dog stricken with
it not far from here which has now completely recovered. Such irony!

Let me know if you want to visit Jake and I will send directions. I can see
why you would miss him - he is quite a darling and very charming. He just
has to learn not to sleep on the bed after rolling in horse poop!

Best wishes,
Betsy Millar

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