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Groot (now known as Worf) - adopted May 17, 2015


Just wanted to give you an update on Groot. His first week in his new home has gone very well. He was nervous at first and wanted lots of cuddles and reassurance (see the picture attached of him with my husband, napping on the couch on his first day home). He's much more relaxed and independent now, and has been having supervised time together with our other cat. They are getting along well - some smacking and chasing, but no hissing or fighting.

We've changed his name to Worf, and are enjoying seeing his personality come out as he gets more comfortable. He's very chatty, and very curious. He's a real mooch for people food, and likes to stick his head in your glass to see what you're drinking. He's also a seat stealer - if you get out of your chair, he'll take it! The other photo was taken seconds after I got up to answer the phone.

Thanks for taking care of him until we could find him and bring him home. We love him very much.


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