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Flint Update

I am sending you this email to let you know how Flint is doing. Flint is doing amazing! He is part of the family. We find it hard to believe nobody adopted him before we did. He is well behaved and lovable. All around a great dog. Flint gets along well with all of us including our children and our other dog Phoenix. It's like he has always been here. Words can't even describe how close Flint and Phoenix are. It's like they have been together forever. They play together all the time. One picks up a toy and takes it to the other and then they play tug of war. They are made for each other, they are inseparable. They play non stop and love to cuddle. If u see one of them the other is right behind. Flint is one of the most gentle and kind dogs I have ever met.

Now to talk about the only issue we had with Flint. We were sitting at the table when we noticed Flint just swallowed a six inch toy. They tried to use tongs to remove it, but it didnt work. He ended up having to have surgery to remove it. Everything is fine now. He is back to his normal playful ways. At first when he got home he wasn't suppose to play but it was so hard to keep Phoenix and Flint apart. All they did was try to play and sneak around. Now all they do is play. Flint is walked frequently, at least twice a day if not more. He is an active dog and we are very fortunate to have him.

I have attached some photos of Flint. Can you please pass this e-mail along to Kathy, Flints foster parent. Kathy has done an amazing job with Flint!

Thank you for such an amazing addition to our family!

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