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Maggie (formerly Kali) - adopted March 26, 2015

Little Maggie came to us in March 2015 as a tiny puppy you could hold in one hand. She has grown so quickly and by the length of her legs, looks like she has a lot more growing to do.

She has the sweetest, most playful character and she expresses herself with her fuzzy little ears and will do anything for a belly rub. She loves to chew, run crazy in the park and would sit in the sun all day if we let her.

Maggie often forgets how big she is when she tries to “cuddle” with you; she thinks she is still a tiny puppy.

She is incredibly smart and has learned her manners from her bother Milo, but still has much to learn.

She has been a great addition to our family and has stolen our hearts.

Thank you to all for the job you do and for taking such good care of our girl until she found her forever home with us.

~ Tracey, Alan, Adam, Caitlin, Ethan and Milo Gould

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