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Rona (adopted July 15, 2014)


It's the Hahn family with our amazing dog Rona!

Rona has been great, and fit in as soon as she arrived at her new forever home. She is more than we could ask for. Rona keeps the family happy and active.

Soon after she got used to us we took her on a boating trip, she absolutely loves the wind in her face and her tongue flapping in the air. Rona also enjoys the water and loves to go swimming in the lake. 

When we first brought her to the farm she was hesitant but got over that quickly and she now enjoys running in the fields, splashing around in the swamps and going on little adventures through the forests. She still hasn't quite gotten used to the horses but prefers playing with the cat. Rona is so sweet and loves everyone she meets, as well as all of our relatives' animals.

One thing that Rona really enjoys in snuggling up on the couch with her favourite teddy bear, as well as sleeping with our daughter Haley on her bed. Rona and her are best friends. 

Rona waits at the door until we get home to greet us with hugs and kisses, she also likes playing outside with our son Ayden - they love a good game of tag.

Rona is really funny and makes everyone laugh, something that we love to watch is when she does "Crazy Rona". This is when she is at the farm and runs as fast as a racehorse around in circles until she stops to lie down then goes to get a drink!

We love Rona so much!

Thanks Upper Credit Humane Society.


The Hahn Family

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