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Joey (adopted Sept. 16, 2013)

                                                                                                                 Photo by Judith-Anne Kolu

 Joey is enjoying his new life!!
Joey arrived at the shelter with a companion … he had been in the same home for 13 years and his friend 9 years. Joey showed fortitude even when his companion was adopted without him and still he waited. NO MORE WAITING, Joey was adopted a few weeks ago and now lives happily in a house with his adopted family and their two dogs who are compatible.

The family reports that Joey is a fairly independent boy, he loves to sit on the window sill or in the garden room looking out at the trees and listening to all the comings and goings.    Joey enjoys cuddling on laps, snuggling in the crook of an arm at bedtime, has a room of his very own with open door allowing him the freedom of choice should he wish just to rest in solitude. Joey has his “mad” moments and loves to run up and down the corridors; he certainly is very agile and more youthful than his years would suggest. Joey especially enjoys his home cooked meals especially chicken and a treat of cream!

Joey is in his “forever” home and he knows it and the family thanks UCHS for keeping him for them to love. Joey has landed on all fours and has added so much to all their lives.

Written for the Elgis family by Judith-Anne Kolu

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