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Sassy (formerly Henry)


Sassy (formerly known as Henry) is a bichon frise who arrived at the shelter in January under the stray banner. We had to completely shave him as it was difficult to tell which end was which. He needed neutering, vet checks and through the Trooper's Fund, he had 26 teeth removed.

Sassy was so lucky to be adopted by his new Mum...the match is perfect and Sassy adores his walkies, his home cooked meals, his grooming, the dogs he meets on walks and most of all snuggles, kisses and loves with his Mum. I was told that he has the most pleasant loving disposition and she could not imagine life without him.

This was another terrific placement bringing joy to both lives ... he is definitely the king of the castle... and we are all so pleased for this cute little guy! Thanks to everyone at UCHS from Sassy and his Mum...for the opportunity of a new life.

- Submitted by Judith-Anne Kolu

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