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Pepper (Lucy) and Sunny (Charm)

I wanted to let you guys at the shelter know that Lucy, now named Pepper, is
fitting in really well with our other cats and seems to be recovering from
her cold. I put her on L-Lysine pills which I  got at the drug store
which is a herpes pill for humans and give to her. Vitalys is a brand name specific
for Cats and you can only buy online....not in the drug store. Just for
future reference if other people need to find will save them from
all the running around I had to do.

Pepper (aka Lucy) is such a little sweetie and has become fast friends with
Sunny (aka Charm). I will send photo's of Blue (aka LA Woman) and Dutchy
(aka York) when I can.


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  1. Adorable! Thanks for the info. My little friend Ruby (aka Katie) is my constant companion. So happy with my little cat from UCHS.