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 I don't know if you folks remember Grady, he's a Staffy mix that my
family adopted about 4 yrs ago. I just wanted to update you on Grady's
progress. These pics are taken just before christmas, after a visit to the
vets where they decked him out in christmas colours.

Grady had a bit of a skin condition when we got him and with the help
of the great team at Kortright Animal Hospital in Guelph, we have it pretty
well under control. With a combination of meds and allergy serum injections
he has a much better coat and his scratching is under control. It certainly
was a challenge the first year, getting it figured out but worth every bit
of it.

Grady has many dog friends, and my family and friends were patient
and helpful in working with him to socialize with their pets, realizing what
a sweet dog he really was and that he just needed the right approach to find
his place in doggy land. When a friends 25lb Golden Doodle snarled at Grady
during play that started getting rough, my 70lb Staffy tucked his tail,
backed off and showed proper respect and I knew he understood the rules. He
has changed so many peoples opinions of Staffordshire Terriers with his love
of cuddling and good nature.

He is a great companion, sticking by my side and keeping me company
after recovering from surgery, as well as getting me out the door for walks
to help me strengthen the new knee. All in all , Grady eels very happy in
his forever home.


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